Investment Opportunities FAQs

What sort of return on investment can I expect when partnering with TREC Developments?

ROI on a typical investment would be approximately 10% per annum.  We create bespoke joint venture agreements specifically tailored to suit each individual circumstance increasing the potential for higher returns wherever possible.


What size project is TREC Developments capable of providing?

We have a wealth of experience in planning, building and developing large scale housing developments while managing multi million pound budgets on behalf of our clients.  We also specialise in single plot builds for the self build market.  View our ‘Case Studies’ section to see the type of projects TREC Developments undertakes.


Can I arrange a specific time to be contacted when requesting a call back?

If you would like to be contacted at a specific time please provide the relevant information via the contact form found on the Contact page.

I have existing relationships with tradespeople, is TREC Developments happy to liaise with them when working on a project?

We are more than happy to work directly with client nominated subcontractors once we are satisfied they meet the high standards expected of us.  Contact a member of our team to learn more.


What is the minimum amount I can invest?

The minimum investment is £1000. An investment of £1000 over a 12 month period would return £100 and the principal investment. 

How long is the investment term?

The minimum investment period is 12 month but a 24 month period is also available. Once the term is over you can take your money or you may wish to invest for another term the choice is completely up to you. 

I have a property that I would like to develop, how can TREC Developments help?

TREC Developments can help in a multitude of ways, from providing construction services to working in partnership with you to develop the property. 

I am new to property investing and want to know more about different ways to get a return from property development?

If you want to talk to experienced residential building/property professionals then please contact us by going to our contact page or using the contact info at the top of this page 

What assurances do I have when choosing TREC Developments for a potential investment project?

All investments are agreed and supported by contracts that are recognised in English Law. We can go through the paperwork with you if you wish to enquire further. 

I am an experienced investor and would like to work with TREC Developments.

As an experienced investor you may have a development you wish to bring to us or may simply wish to finance a project and need a partner with experience delivering housing developments. If you  are then we would be very pleased to hear from you and happy to discuss an array or arrangements to achieve your goals.